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Machine Tool Alignment Inc.
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At Morley Machine Tool Alignment Inc. we do product sales - Contact Us directly today for more information about the brands listed below.

Renishaw® Inc.
Precision measurement and process control
CMM probes, software and retrofits
Machine tool probes and software
Machine calibration and optimization
Equator™ gauging system
Styli for probes

A global leader in technology and innovation in measuring and testing technology.
Spindle Probes for Workpiece Measuring
Automatic setting of tool dimensions for CNC lathes & mills
Part measuring for CNC lathes & mills
Automatic setting of tool dimensions for CNC lathes & mills
Laser Measuring Systems
Tool Setting Systems

Depend on UNISORB's® years of experience for
Machinery Mounts
Vibration Isolation Systems
Anchoring/Alignment Systems
Professional Engineering Services
Vibration Analysis Services
Isolated Foundation Design
Advanced Grouting Technologies

CNC Systems — Our range of CNC's goes from conversational programming for short production series that require quickness to high-speed. CNCs with Nano metric accuracy.

Servo Drive Systems — We manufacture digital drive systems integrated into our CNC systems. They regulate our large variety of motors and may be adapted to motors from other brands.

Feedback Systems — Fagor is the first and sole company manufacturing an enclosed steel-tape linear encoder of up to 50 meters with absolute technology and 10 nm resolution.

DRO Systems — Our Digital readouts have advanced features, designed to optimize the performance of milling machines, lathes, boring mills, EDM machines and grinders.